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CCG 2153 Fixing Kit Morco Primo

Fixing kit for CCG 2160 and CCG 2161 Morco Primo water heaters.  It contains a 15mm gas isolation valve.

CCG 2155 Flue Cowl Morco Primo 6

Flue cowl for Morco Primo 6 water heater.

CCG 2157 Flue Cowl Morco Primo 11

Flue cowl for Morco Primo 11 water heater.

CCG 2159 Flue Pipe

Flue pipe for Morco water heaters.

CCG 2680 Malaga 750 Watt Heating Element

Malaga 750 watt heating element for Malaga water heater.  230V.

CCG 2681 Malaga Heating Element Gasket

Gasket for Malaga electric heating element CCG 2680.

CCG 2682 Malaga E Flue Terminal Complete

Propex flue terminal complete for Malaga E water heater.

CCG 2691 Truma Ultrastore Rapid Water Tank 10L

Truma Ultrastore Rapid water tank for Series 4 year of manufacture 05/2014 onwards.  Accommodates 1300 watt element with 4 bolt fixing.  10 litre capacity.     

CCG 2692 Truma Therme Tank Kit

Truma Therme TT2 replacement tank kit, comes with 3 O rings and 2 drain valves. This is a new tank and tank jacket, all other parts need to be removed from your existing unit. For a complete new unit see part no. CCG 2137 in Appliances section.

CCG 2693 Truma Therme Electric Heating Element

Truma Therme TT2 replacement electric heating element, 230V 300 Watt.

CCG 2700 Truma Ultrastore Cowl Removal Tool

Truma Ultrastore cowl cover removal tool for easy opening without damage.

CCG 27061 Henry Wiring Harness

Wiring harness for Henry water heater.  This harness is only required if you are fitting a replacement Burner Module Part No. CCG 2706 and you have the older model of Cascade 2 water heater that has the round multi-pin plugs fitted. It is not required if you are purchasing a complete Heater Part No. CCG 2138 as this harness is included.

CCG 27071 Truma Adapter Plate

Truma adapter plate which allows you to replace a Carver Cascade 2 water heater with a Truma Ultrastore water heater, without the need to modify the bodywork of caravan / motorhome.

CCG 2708 Truma / Carver Cascade 2 Inlet

Carver Cascade 2 water inlet fitting, with non return valve. This fitting is situated at the bottom of the main body of the carver cascade 2 water heater.

CCG 2709 Truma / Carver Cascade 2 Outlet

Carver Cascade 2 hot water outlet, situated at the top of the main body of the carver cascade 2 water heater.

CCG 2710 Carver Cascade 2 Pressure Relief Valve

Carver Cascade 2 Pressure relief valve, situated in the front of the carver cascade 2 water heater behind the flue cover.

CCG 2713 Carver Drain Plug Imperial

Carver Cascade 2 water heater drain plug fits early models pre 1987, identified by cross on top.

CCG 2714 Carver Drain Plug Metric

Carver drain plug, metric complete with 'O' ring. Identified by slot on top.  Generally used on post 1987 models.

CCG 2717 Truma Ultrastore Element 450W

Truma Ultrastore heating element, 230 V / 450 W used until 06/03.

CCG 2718 Truma Ultrastore Element 850W

Truma Ultrastore heating element, 230 V / 850 W used from 07/03. Can be used as an upgrade replacement for the 450W element above. This is the same element used in the new Truma Electric EL water boiler.

When retro fitting for a 450w ensure the tank has 2 fixing studs to attach the over heat sensor.

CCG 2719 Replacement Connection Pins Carver Crystal Housing

Replacement electrical connection pins for Carver / Truma Crystal 2 housing (CCG 2720).  Price per pair.

CCG 27201 Replacement Water Filter Housing

Filtapac direct replacement for the Carver Crystal 2 water filter housing.  Complete with filter.  Colour White.

CCG 2721 Truma Ultraflow Compact Housing

Truma Ultraflow compact housing, can be used as an additional inlet either as an external or internal fitment, can also be set up to be used for an external shower.  For blanking plug see our Part No. CCG 27252.  Colour White.

CCG 2722 Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing

Truma Ultraflow filter housing complete with one filter. The water pump (see Part No. CCW 3025 - not included) transports water from the external water container through an active carbon filter to the caravan's/motorhome's water supply.  Colour White.

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