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CASS 3021 Whale Truma/Carver Mk2 High Flow Pump Assembly EP1622

Whale Truma/Carver Crystal II & Compact compatible replacement High Flow water pump, complete with hose. 

CASS 3025 Truma Ultraflow Pump Assembly 800mm 46040-01

Truma Ultraflow pump assembly with ergonomically shaped pistol grip is plugged into the filter or compact housing. 800mm hose.  For inlet socket see Part No. CCG 2721 or CCG 2722. 

CCG 2721 Truma Ultraflow Compact Housing 46030-01

Truma Ultraflow compact housing, can be used as an additional inlet either as an external or internal fitment, can also be set up to be used for an external shower.  For blanking plug see our Part No. CCG 27252.  Colour White.

CCG 2722 Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing - White Lid 46010-01

Truma Ultraflow filter housing complete with one filter. The water pump (see Part No. CCW 3025 - not included) transports water from the external water container through an active carbon filter to the caravan's/motorhome's water supply.  Colour of external lid -  White.

CCG 2723 Truma Ultraflow Conversion Kit 46010-03

Truma Ultraflow filter housing conversion kit suitable for converting from Crystal water systems. Kit contains 1 Ultraflow Filter Housing, 1 Ultraflow Filter Block, 1 Blind Cover, 1 Pistol Grip, 1 Pair of Spade Terminals, 1 Set of Screws and full instructions. Replaces Crystal 2 Housing without cutting bodywork and utilises your existing pump and hose. Can be easily adapted for external shower point by fitting a bridge connector.  Colour White.

CCG 2724 Truma Ultraflow Compact Conversion Kit 46030-03

The Ultraflow compact housing conversion kit allows you to effortlessly convert your existing compact housing system whether it be the old Carver crystal system or another brand. Includes 1 x compact housing and 1 x Pistol Connection.  Colour White.

CCW 3027 Truma Ultraflow Inlet Hose 46340-51

Truma Ultraflow inlet hose for use when caravans or motorhomes have an inboard pump.  The assembly has a strainer on one end which is submerged into the external water container.  800mm hose length.

CCW 3204 Truma Ultraflow Compact Outdoor Shower Kit 46070-02

Fed up of walking dirty boots into your caravan or motorhome, or taking your pet dog miles away to wash him/her, then look no further.   The Truma Ultraflow complete compact outdoor shower kit provides an outside showering facility when connected to the existing water system. Handy for cleaning muddy boots or muddy pets!  Kit comprises of 1 Ultraflow Compact Housing, 1 Shower Hose 2.5m, 1 set of screws and full instructions.  For pressurised systems only. Colour Ivory.

CCW 3205 Truma Ultraflow Outdoor Shower 46080-01

Truma Ultraflow Outdoor Shower complete with connecting bridge is designed for the Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing but only for pressurised systems. The pistol grip of the outdoor shower is plugged into the filter housing and the outdoor shower is then ready for use. The Truma Ultraflow Outdoor Shower comes complete with 2.5 metres of hose. Colour White.

CCW 32052 Truma Ultraflow Bridge Connector 40060-96700

Replacement bridge connector for use with Truma Ultraflow Outdoor Shower and Truma Ultraflow housing.