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CCG 2273 Truma iNet Box With Level Control

The Truma set contains the Truma LevelControl and iNet Box. The starter pack is ideal for customers who are interested in LevelControl but who do not yet have an iNet Box in their vehicle.

Keep an eye on gas supplies
Together, the two products allow customers to check their gas supplies conveniently and accurately via the Truma App. LevelControl uses ultrasound to measure the gas level and sends this information to the iNet Box, which then sends the data to a smartphone via Bluetooth or SMS. In the Truma App, customers see a detailed overview of their gas level as a percentage and in kilograms, as well as an indication of how long the gas will last. Truma LevelControl works with all common European steel and aluminium cylinders.

Other useful features
Checking how much gas is left via the app is just one useful feature of the iNet System. With an iNet Box in their vehicle, customers can also control their Combi heater and Truma air conditioning system, use automatic climate control and check the vehicle status – at any time and from anywhere using the app.

The Alde Compact 3020 HE is now compatible with the Truma iNet System 


CCG 2698 Trumatic E 2800 / 4000 Series Flue Cowl

Flue Cowl fits Trumatic 2800 / 4000 E series heaters, C 6002 & 4002 and Combi 4 & 6 boilers, fits with 2 screws, approx diameter 110 mm, from 03/2005. Colour White.

CCG 27296 Truma Frost Control Kit

Truma Frost Control current free safety drain valve empties the boiler automatically if there is a risk of frost (at around 3 degrees C) and in the event of excess pressure via a charge nozzle. Only once the ambient temperature has risen to a level where frost is no longer a risk (around 7 degrees C) can the valve be closed by hand and the boiler filled again.  Suitable for: Electric boiler, Gas / electric boiler.  Push On Barbed Fitting shown.  Please see More Info for JG fitting.  Select Below.

CCG 9852 Truma Combi D6 Flue Kit 60cm

Truma Diesel Combi D6 flue kit with WKCD wall cowl complete with extractor fan with 60 cm flue pipe and sound muffler.
Wall cowl colour is off white. (bianco)


CCG 9853 Truma Combi D6 150 cm Flue Pipe

Truma Diesel Combi D6 flue kit 150 cm flue pipe and sound muffler.


CCG 98533  Truma Combi  Wall Flue Kit

Wall flue kit for Truma combi heaters, includes exhaust duct, air supply duct,wall cowl, duct clip.  See More Info.

CCG 98534 Truma Combi Roof Flue Kit

Roof flue kit for Truma combi heaters, includes exhaust duct, air supply duct, roof cowl, duct clips.

CCW 4050 Truma Text Control

Truma Text Control activates your caravan or motorhome heating and hot water system when you send a text from your mobile phone.  Compatible with Truma E series, Combi, Ultraheat, Ultrastore and C Series.


CCW 4051  Truma CP+ Control

Truma CP plus iNet ready is a digital control panel for the Combi heaters and the Truma Aventa and Saphir air conditioning systems. Use it to set the room and water temperatures in your caravan or motor home simply and conveniently.

If you have a Truma air conditioner and a Combi heater, the automatic climate control function controls the temperature in the vehicle regardless of the outside temperature.

The digital control panel is compatible with all iNet-capable Truma appliances and can be retrofitted for these. It can also be extended with the Truma iNet Box. This networks the Truma appliances so that you can control them conveniently and remotely with the smartphone app.

  • Intuitive operation with the practical rotary push button
  • Program water or room temperature with the time switch
  • Automatic climate control coordinates Combi heaters and Truma air conditioning systems with each other

CCW 4052  Truma High Altitude Kit

The Truma altitude kit is required if the heating mode of the Combi D is run for longer periods at heights of 1500 metres to 2750 metres.  It ensures the correct air-fuel ratio so that the heater works perfectly.  See More Info.