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CSA 2002 Maxview Remora 40 Satellite Dish

The Maxview Remora 40 using high strength sunction mounts for easy, temporary attachment to any flat surface on your caravan or motorhome.  It is the ideal portable satellite kit which is easy to set up and requires no tools to assemble or disassemble.  Two built in quick release  levers allow for quick, secure and non-permanent fitting.  Elevation adjustment lets the user easily set the antenna elevation to a high level of accuracy.  Rotation lock fixes the system into place once the satellite signal has been acquired.  Security fixing point gives peace of mind security of the satellite system. 5 metre flexible cable makes it easier to route to your satellite receiver. Custom designed storage and carry case has a reinforced, padded base, three separate storage compartments and durable carry handle for ease of transport and secure storage when not in use.  Designed for outdoor use.  2 year guarantee.  See Spec. 

CSA 2300 Maxview Manual Crank Up Kit 65cm

The Maxview Next Generation 65cm manual crank up satellite kit simply adjusts from the comfort of your vehicle with the easy to operate direction unit, effortlessly raising and rotating the dish to locate and lock onto your favourite UK TV channels, anywhere in the UK and across into Europe.  The handle is mounted onto a vehicle roof.  For full details see Spec.

CSA 2310 Maxview Manual Crank Up Kit 85cm

The Maxview Next Generation 85cm manual crank up satellite kit simply adjusts from the comfort of your vehicle with the easy to operate direction unit, effortlessly raising and rotating the dish to locate and lock onto your favourite UK TV channels, anywhere in the UK and across into Europe.  The handle is mounted onto a vehicle roof.  For full details see Spec.

CSA 2320 Kronings Ultralight Satellite Antenna

Kronings ultralight satellite antenna weighs just 4.7 kg.  Aluminium dish, 62cm oval, designed to use 30-40% more reflective material than traditional round satellite dishes.  DiSEqC controlled: Fully automatic.  Gain of 80.6 dB signal in digital with BER -0.6, equivalent to round 80cm dish.  Full HD ready Single LNB.  Quick intelligent automatic satellite search.  Remembers the last used satellite, leading to fast and easy usage.  Prepared for digital TV.  User friendly display.  Automatic closing when driving.  Can be mounted close to solar panels and air conditioning systems.  See Spec.

CSA 2500 Maxview Vuqube 2 Auto

The Maxview Vuqube 2 Auto will give you TV/Radio coverage throughout the UK and Europe.  Press and go, the convenience of having all your TV channels ready to watch in an instant at the touch of a button.  Receives transmissions from Astra 1, Astra 2, Astra 3 and Hotbird.  Designed to be permanently mounted to vehicle roof and for portable use.  Ultra lightweight with ergonomically designed carry handle for easy handling. Can be permanently roof mounted to any touring vehicle using the optional mount pack CSA 25001. Capable of being transferred to another vehicle if required. Can be chained to any fixed object looped through the handle. Includes alarm for added peace of mind.  Twin LNB as standard. 35cm cassergrain dish, equivalent to 50cm offset dish giving increased range. Clear and easy to use LED Control Box, which is compact in size. (W:13 x D:9.5 x H:3cm) allowing unobtrusive mounting in a cupboard space. All weather resistant and robust casing. Compatible with any SD/HD Free to air satellite receivers (inc SKY). 2 year guarantee.  See Spec. for details.

CSA 25001 Maxview Vuqube 2 Mounting Kit

The Maxview Vuqube 2 Mounting Kit fixes to the roof using silicone wet seal and screws.  Strong aluminium construction.  Lightweight design and easy to install.  Complete with cable entry plate, screws and cable clips.

CSA 2501 Maxview Precision Satellite System 65cm

Maxview Precision satellite system can be used to receive UK TV channels in the UK & into Europe whilst on your travels quickly and easily.  Pre assembled parts for quick easy set up.  Easy to read elevation indicator.   Magnetic LNB lock. Integrated Sat Finder. Level indicator. Satellite zone - reduces margin for error.  Dish size 65cm.  Complete with 2 year guarantee.  Designed and manufactured in the UK.  Weight 6.6 kgs.  See Spec.

CSA 2520 Maxview Precision Satellite System 75cm

The Maxview Precision 75cm Twin LNB satellite system has pre-assembled parts making it very quick and easy to set up.  Unique and innovative features include an Elevation Indicator which has an easy to view elevation read out, Integrated Sat Finder, which helps you align your dish to the satellite and much more.  Kit also includes, Compass, System and Tripod Holdalls, Ground Pegs, Elevation map, Quick Set Up guide, 10m Flexible ‘F’ Cable, Sat Finder and Tripod.  See Spec. for full list of features.

CSA 2590 Maxview Digital Satellite Compass

Maxview digital satellite compass helps to locate the position of all main European satellites and aid with the alignment process of any manual satellite system.  It has a blue, backlit, digital LED display featuring bubble level.  Other functions include digital time, thermometer and compass.  All major European satellite positions pre-programmed, available at the press of a button: Astra 1, Astra 2 and Hotbird.  Distortion feature to identify magnetic fields causing possible error to compass accuracy. 

CSA 2600 Maxview Satellite Finder

The Maxview satellite finder has a varying audible tone and ascending visual LED display to help align satellite dish to the satellite. Signal sensitivity control for the ease of satellite adjustment and alignment. Complete with flylead and full instructions.

CSA 2650 W4 Satellite Finder

The simple to use finder has an easy to read analogue dial as well as an audible signal. Enables effective, quick and reliable satellite alignment for optimum reception. Adjustable gain and sensitivity to suit all situations. Screw on connection (F plug).

CSA 2655 Maxview Satellite Compass

Maxview Satellite alignment zone to help locate the direction of the satellite signal for all the main European satellites: Astra 1, Astra 2 and Hotbird.  Also aids the alignment process of any manual satellite system.  Complete with neck strap and user instructions.

CTA 3059 External Satellite Socket

Maxview external weatherproof satellite only socket, complete with 3 metres of cable.

CUA 1000 Utility Box

Utility inlet box which comes complete with a 12 volt socket, aerial socket, satellite socket and continental socket, reducing the number of inlet boxes on your motorhome or caravan, for a neat appearance.  Size 100mm x 100mm x depth 70mm.  Colour White.