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Truma Diesel Combi 6E with CP+ 33513-26MIR

10 litre diesel combination heater and water heater. extremely efficient, compact and popular option. comes with room thermostat, control panel, 3m connecting cable, fixings, frost control safety/drain valve, elbow fittings for ø 10mm water hoses, fuel routing including metering pump and fuel tank removal kit tes01 standard. ducting sold separately.


Truma Diesel Combi 6E with INETX 33513-26/XPAN

Truma combi 6e with INETX panel, and black cowl.

Truma Diesel Combi D4E with INETX 33416-78UKSP

The truma combi d4e is the diesel and electric version of the ever popular truma combi 4e
The diesel version is equipped with a high-quality burner. therefore, it also heats reliably while driving
At the camp site, you can simply switch over to electrical mode and run the heater with the 230v power supply, with no need for the vehicle battery
Depending on the required output, choose between diesel, electric or mixed mode: in milder weather, set the appliance to electrical mode, on colder days to diesel mode and in extremely cold weather use mixed mode – diesel and electric heating.
The powerful combi d 4 e heats larger motor homes within a short time.
The appliance also has a 10-litre water tank, which is heated at the same time when hot water is required.

Truma Diesel Combi D6E 33516-78/UKSP

The Truma Combi appliances give you twice the convenience in your caravan or motor home: heating up the
vehicle and water at the same time. The trusted Combi heaters work very economically and are also available as a
powerful gas and diesel options,  with the E version, you can even have hybrid heating. Warm air is distributed
optimally inside the vehicle through several air outlets.