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CCG 2006 Truma Regulator 8mm / GOK

Truma Regulator GOK double diaphragm gas regulator, fitted to UK Motorhomes and caravans from 2004 onwards. Suits 8 mm copper pipe, complete with test point and tap. Suits high pressure pigtails, can be used with either Propane or Butane. Ref no 01294 61. See our pig tails.

CCG 2007 Truma Regulator 10mm

Truma double diaphragm gas regulator, fitted to UK Motorhomes and caravans from 2004 onwards. Suits 10 mm copper pipe, complete with testpoint and tap. Suits high pressure pigtails, can be used with either Propane or Butane. See our pig tails.

CCG 20092 Truma MonoControl CS Regulator Vertical & Horizontal

Truma MonoControl CS drive safe / secure motion safety gas pressure system with integrated crash sensor for caravans and motorhomes allows the use of gas heating whilst vehicle is in motion.  This safety gas pressure regulation system is ideally suited to ensuring safe heating whilst on the move. It has a built in crash sensor (CS) and integrated test point. Now can be installed vertically or horizontally.

CCG 2010 Truma Duo Control

The DuoControl is a gas pressure regulator and changeover system all in one. This operates in a similar way to the DuoComfort but can not be used while driving.  The DuoControl also has a test connection point and is  suitable for one bottle systems, automatically changes over to the full bottle when the one being used is empty, bottle status indicator for bottle in use, We recommend that you have this system fitted by an authorise expert.  Suitable for both 8mm and 10mm pipe. 

NOT FOR USE WHILST DRIVING                                                           

CCG 20100 Truma Duo Control Crash Sensor Vertical

Truma DuoControl safety gas pressure regulation system with integrated crash sensor, ensuring safe heating whilst on the move.  This system will automatically switch from an empty gas cylinder to a eliminate the risk of running out of gas whilst in use. This system also safely allows the use of gas whilst in transit when used with a rupture protection gas hose. Perfect and easily retrofitted to older vehicles. Comes with integrated test point. For 2 cylinder gas systems.  Regulator inlet M20 x 1.5, regulator capacity 1.5kh/h and integrated test point.  Regulator outlet olive screw connection 10/8mm. Crash sensor activation value: 3.5g + 0.5g.  Crash sensor is easy to reset.  Manual selection of operating cylinder using control knob.  30mbar.  


CGA 1050 Truma Gas Filter

 The Truma gas filter effectively protects regulators and valves against dirt and oil residues. This Truma product filters the gas and captures the oily substances, which are prone to accumulate in the gas pressure regulator and valves which in turn gradually clog up.  Thanks to its efficient filter cartridge, the Truma gas filter captures 99% of the oily particles. To achieve this  Truma uses an innovative patented filter technology for its product. "The filter cartridges can be exchanged simply. A saturation display indicates when they need to be replaced.  The Truma gas filter is installed in front of the gas pressure regulator and is suitable for all wall-mounted single or dual-cylinder gas pressure regulation systems. The product is approved for all EU countries. An efficient gas filter is particularly important in countries where the quality of the gas is lower.  This product from Truma is the ideal choice to protect the gas systems. The filter retains almost 100% of the aerosols thereby ensuring flawless functionality and the long service life of the systems.  With 1 Filter.

CGA 1052 Truma Regulator Elbow

Truma elbow adapter, fits onto standard Truma regulator, and allows pigtail to be fitted at a right angle to existing regulator outlet where space is limited. 

CGA 1053 Truma Gas BBQ Outlet Point

Truma gas B B Q outlet point, fitted into the ultraflow fitment so as to match other Truma inlet and outlet accessories, connects to 8 mm gas pipe. Colour White.