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CTA 20000 Maxview Truvision Aerial

Maxview Truvision indoor set top aerial is ideal to receive all available strong digital and analogue terrestrial UHF TV signals.  It is optimised for digital quality performance, improving picture and sound.  It is simple and ready to use, and folds flat for easy storage.  Ideal for strong or medium signal areas.  For technical data see Spec.

CTA 2005 Mercury Overlander Digital Aerial

Mercury Overlander Digital wideband aerial which covers all UHF frequencies. A unique clamp allows aerial to tilt, swivel and rotate through 360 degress. Complete with three rubber suckers for stability and easy removal.

CTA 2007 Maxview Compact Aerial

The new Maxview Compact Tri-Boom aerial is high quality, durable and robust in it's construction.  Receives all available digital terrestrial TV signals and supports SD, HD, 3D and 4K TV.  Folds up for easy storage and transportation.  See Spec. 

CTA 2010 Vision Plus Image 420 UHF Aerial

The Vision Plus Image 420 directional TV antenna breaks new ground and represents the latest in directional atenna design, UK digital and analogue reception.  The semi-enclosed elements produce a sleek, stylish alternative whilst the special log periodic design provides a powerful performance, comparable with much larger antennas.  Comes complete with 5 metres of quality coaxial cable and plug.  Suitable for CTA 3002, CTA 3003 and CTA 3004 masts and the majority of 25mm masts.  Mast not included. 

CTA 2015 Avtex STH1000 Digital TV Aerial

Avtex model STH1000 20dB antenna has been specifically designed for digital television reception.  It has an integrated low noise amplifier which can  be powered either by the antenna power out option on your set top box, digital TV or even via the 12 volt power cord supplied.  The flexible and varied mounting option for pole or wall mounting make the STH1000 the simple hassle free way to enjoy digital TV.  For indoor or outdoor use.

CTA 2018 Vision Plus Compact 260

The Vision Plus Compact 260 is a directional antenna for outdoor use and is designed to receive all UHF digital television transmissions.  Combined with the Vision Plus low noise, high gain amplifier, the Vision Plus Compact 260 provides strong performance in medium to poor signal areas.  The 12 & 24v DC power supply ensures it is ideal for use in trucks, motorhomes, campervans, boats, camping (cars) and caravans. Being lightweight and compact, it’s the perfect companion where space and practicality is an issue.  The Vision Plus Compact 260 is supplied with a number of standard fitting options, being suction pad base, pole mount or wall mount. For greater flexibility the Vision Plus Compact can be used with all the masts in the Vision Plus range.  See Spec.

CTA 2019 Digi Pro DTV-1000 Aerial

The DTV-1000 has been specifically designed for digital TV reception. It has an integrated low noise amplifier which can be powered either by the antenna power out option on your set top box, digital TV or even via the 12v DC power cord supplied. The flexible and varied mounting options make the DTV-1000 the simplest way to enjoy digital TV on the move.  Inlcudes:  Digital antenna, 12 volt power lead, 230 volt mains lead, power inserter, 3 metres co-axial cable, screws and wall plugs for fixed mounting, U-bolts and wing nuts for pole mounting, mounting bracket for pole and permanent mounting and sucker mounting bracket for window / wall mounting.  See More Info.

CTA 2020 Gazelle Aerial

Gazelle streamlined omnidirectional antenna receives all available analogue and digital terrestrial UHF TV, FM and DAB signals through 360 degree radius. Complete with variable gain booster. Low profile design makes it suitable for permanent fixing. Designed specifically for use on any caravan or motorhome. Designed and Manufactured in the UK.  2 Year guarantee.

CTA 2025 Maxview Omnimax Pro Aerial

Maxview Omnimax Pro television outdoor aerial is designed for mobile and touring vehicles.  It receives all available digital terrestrial television signals without any realignment.  Kit includes variable signal booster, 5 metres of coaxial cable, 1 metre cable F to coax connector, fused 12/24V power cable and fitting kit.  2 year manufacturer's warranty.

CTA 2030 Status 350 Omni-Directional Aerial

Designed for mobile use, the STATUS 330 omni-directional aerial and VP2 amplifier for digital TV satisfies a number of important criteria, whilst overcoming some of the compromises associated with this design of antenna.  In the UK and a number of overseas countries TV signals are transmitted horizontally and vertically. Vertical reception requires a vertical receiver. The 330 achieves this with the Central Pinnacle. A clever solution which creates a distinctive profile setting it apart from the rest. TV reception can be greatly affected by the orientation of the antenna and it is crucial that all antennas are mounted level. Therefore the 330 has the ability to be finely adjusted to remain level on gradients up to 22 degrees – a unique feature only offered by STATUS. For ease of use the Pinnacle can be simply unscrewed in those instances where storage height is a problem. Furthermore, the antenna itself can be removed leaving in place the Mounting Foot, which can be sealed with a blanking cap. The Status 330 comes with 5 metres of coaxial cable.

CTA 2032 Maxview Variable Signal Booster

Maxview Variable Signal Booster which boosts digital and analogue signals in weaker signal areas.Variable gain to optimise strength. Professional gold plated 'F' connectors for improved corrosion resistance and signal performance. 2 year guarantee.

CTA 2034 Digital TV Signal Finder

Maxview Digital TV Signal Finder assists aerial alignment for the best digital reception available, ideal for leisure touring. Simply connects to aerial, adaptors included. Designed for digital terrestrial TV broadcasts. Battery included.

CTA 2035 12V Power Supply

12V DC High quality fixed voltage power supply for use with Compact and Status aerials. Output is via a 1.8 metre lead which terminates in a power socket into which one of the six plugs supplied can be connected. Input 230 v - Output 12vDC.

CTA 2037 Status Suckers

Replacement mounting suckers for Status Omni-Directional Aerial. Pack of 4.

CTA 2040 Vision Plus Electronic Radio Antenna

Vision Plus electronic radio antenna represents the latest in technology being specifically designed for the mobile leisure market. Designed for external use it can be installed on a vertical surface and with its depth of only 29mm causes minimal obstruction. Receives FM, MW and LW with an electronic amplifier for powerful performance. The telescopic antenna clips in place when both fully extended to 710mm or retracted.

CTA 2060 Radio Aerial

Ring 12 volt electronic FM leisure radio aerial. This compact aerial features a telescopic design with an overall length of 390 mm.

CTA 3000 Mercury Mast

Mercury aerial mast and clamp consists of three 3 foot masts and a jockey wheel clamp, which is suitable for use with the Overlander aerial.

CTA 3002 Vision Plus Multi-Mast

The Vision Plus universal Multi-Mast offers a number of fitting options for the Vision Plus antennas.  With its specially designed upper and lower mounting arms the Multi-Mast is designed to clamp onto various exterior channelling, without the need for drilling holes.  Ideal profiles would be awning channel, ladders, rain gutters or air-vents.  Plates can be screwed into place to allow alternative fixing in the absence of suitable channelling.

CTA 3008 Maxview Unimax Mast

The Maxview Unimax mast is an easy way to mount a touring TV aerial securely to the side of a leisure vehicle.  It can be permanently or temporarily fixed and includes fixing brackets with self adhesive backing.  Designed for quick and easy installation.  Lightweight design.

CTA 3010 Aerial Pole Bracket

Aerial pole bracket which allows you to clamp your aerial mast onto your jockey wheel assembly. Maximum aerial pole diameter 30 mm, maximum jockey wheel diameter 48 mm.

CTA 3015 Maxview Universal Clamps

Maxview universal aerial clamps are suitable for permanent screw or temporary fixing with self adhesive pads.  For all TV/FM touring aerials with 25mm to 30mm masts.  Complete with fitting instructions.  Pack of 2.

CTA 3044 Aerial Socket

W4 flush fitting aerial socket, 35mm x 35mm  Colour Beige.

Was: £1.50
CTA 3045 Aerial Socket

W4 surface mounted aerial socket. Colour White.

CTA 3049 Aerial Socket

Aerial socket. L 75 x W 30 mm. Colour Beige.

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