240V Leads & Connectors

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CCE 4000 Caravan Site Plug

Caravan site plug 240V 16 Amp 3 pin, connects to splash proof site electricity supply.

CCE 4001 Coupler Plug

Caravan coupler plug, connects to mains inlet on caravan/trailer. 240V 16 amp, 3 pole.

CCE 4002 Continental Plug

Continental 2 pin connector plug.

CCE 4004 UK Adapter

Hook up adapter UK, enables a mains extension lead site plug to be connected to a 13 amp outlet.

CCE 4005 Continental Adapter

Hook up adapter continental, enables a mains extension lead site plug to be connected to a continental 2 pin outlet.

CCE 4006 Trailing Socket

Trailing 13 amp mains adapter/socket.

CCE 4008 Caravan Mains Inlet

Surface mounting 240V mains inlet socket, fits onto underside of caravan/trailer/motorhome.

CCE 4009 Caravan Mains Inlet Angled

Flush fitting angled waterproof 240V mains inlet socket, fits flush onto side of caravan/trailer/motorhome.   Size 100mm x 160mm.  Colour White.

CCE 4010 Caravan Mains Inlet

Flush fitting waterproof 240V mains inlet socket, fits flush onto side of caravan/trailer/motorhome.  Choice of Colour.

CCE 4011 Garage Socket

Garage socket 3 pole, 16 amp outlet, nominal voltage 230V.  Size 80mm x 90mm.  

CCE 4012 External 13 Amp Socket

Flush fitting waterproof 240 volt mains socket for bringing electricity to the exterior of caravan / trailer / motorhome.  Size 160mm x 100mm.  Overall depth 100mm.  Colour White.

CCE 40121 Twin Power Outlet

W4 flush fitting 13amp socket and 12 volt cigar socket in a splash proof housing for external mounting. Due to the increased demand for both 240v and 12v power in awnings, this neat flush-fitting box contains a 240v 3-pin socket and a 12v cigar lighter.  Installation hole 150x92x65mm.

CCE 4013 Caravan Mains Cable 10 Metre

Caravan mains extension cable for connecting to any UK site 240V outlet, 10 metres long.

CCE 4014 Caravan Mains Cable 25 Metre

Caravan mains extension cable for connecting to any UK site 240V outlet. 25 metres in length.

CCE 4020 Free Standing Mobile Mains Unit

Mobile mains supply unit to use in caravan, motorhome, awning or tent, comes complete with 20 metre lead with mains site plug, three 13 amp sockets and RCD protection. A free standing unit which simply plugs into the camp power supply to bring safe power to your appliances.  LESS THAN HALF PRICE

Was: £59.98
CCE 4022 Tester Plug

Mains polarity tester plug, checks the suitability of mains hook up point with regard to earth, live and neutral connections. Considered essential on the continent.

CCE 4025 W4 Compact Digital Multimeter

W4 Compact Digital Multimeter tests AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, diodes, audible continuity check, automatic negative polarity and low battery indicator.

CCE 4030 Universal Mains Testing Kit

Universal mains testing kit is all you need to test the site supply at source, both in the UK and abroad. Especially useful for testing for polarity reversal. Consists: 1 UK trailing socket, 1 continental adapter and 1 tester plug.

CCE 4040 Transformer

Camping Gaz Euro Transformer 240V/12V universal adapter that allows 12 volt coolboxes to run from 240 volt mains electric. Cigarette lighter connection.  5amp - 60W.

CCE 4050 Mains Cable Storage Bag

Mains cable storage bag in lightweight material. Colour blue.

CCE 4058 Safebox Protector

Safebox protects external mains plug and socket connections from moisture and damp, both during use in winter and whilst overwintering. Tough, rigid casing comes complete with padlock and keys to avoid tampering. (Does not include plugs and cable).

CCE 4060 Cordwheel

Cordwheel stores up to 150 feet of mains cable keeping it tangle free and ready to use. Manufactured from strong, lightweight plastic.

CCE 4062 W4 Cable Keeper

Mains cable keeper will hold up to 75 feet of cable. Complete with unique location port for mains site plug and W4 mains tester CCE 4016. Integrated cable grips to tidy up those loose ends. Built in hanging hook and eye for easy storage.

CUA 1000 Utility Box

Utility inlet box which comes complete with a 12 volt socket, aerial socket, satellite socket and continental socket, reducing the number of inlet boxes on your motorhome or caravan, for a neat appearance.  Size 100mm x 100mm x depth 70mm.  Colour White.