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CTM 2905 Truma TruMove S Caravan Mover

Truma TruMove S is an electronically engaging mover  for single axle caravans weighing up to 2000kg. This product replaces the previously named Mover SER product, is blue in colour and features the NEW quick clamp system to reduce your fitting time.  Remote control for millimetre precision. Manoeuvre securely on any surface and offers total peace of mind when parking your caravan.  Durable and maintenance free.  Weight 33kg.  See More Info.


CTM 2907 Truma Caravan Mover TE R

The new Truma Mover® TE R for  double axle caravans  powerful , firstclass quality and excellent handling. .


All Truma R Range caravan movers now come with a 5 year warranty as standard and also feature increased power.


  • If the caravans is outside the range of the remote control or if there is a malfunction in the Truma Mover® or remote control, the caravans stops immediately.
  • On-the-spot manoeuvring by means of soft-start and softstop, thanks to the proven Durasoft drive.
  • An even stronger motor - with a useful load of 2000 kg, a gradient of up to 15 % is possible (TE R) - up to 20 % faster than the previous model - driving over the edges of pavements of 3 cm in height.


  • Firstclass quality  
  • Light aluminium rollers that are kind to tyres.


  • Optimum ground clearance thanks to compact design.
  • It the caravan battery is completely flat or defective, the Mover® have an emergency out-swivel function. The special key that is required for this purpose is included

Safety socket
A safety socket must be installed with the Truma Mover® SE R to prevent the equipment from being swivelled in unintentionally while driving. The rollers cannot be swivelled in and out to allow manoeuvring until the caravan plug has been inserted into the 13-pin safety socket. 

Engagement and disengagement
Engagement and disengagement takes place electrically and conveniently by pressing the button on the radio remote control.


There is an extensive range of assembly accessories available for all standard chassis (e.g. Alko, BPW, Knott and Eriba Touring). Mover Manoevring systems accessories from Truma include individual installation kits for the different chassis types.          Fitting Service Available Please contact sales team on 01926 640489


CTM 2910 Truma Powrtouch Freedom Manual Mover

Truma Powrtouch freedom manual mover for single axle caravans will fit all standard Alko and BPW chassis with or without shock absorbers.  It has a high strength, high grade steel reduction gearbox giving improved power delivery, with an ability to engage both rollers from one side via it's cross actuation engagement system.  Powerful enough to move caravans weighing 1500kgs on a 1 in 4 slope (levelling ramps).  It's robust and durable construction is achieved through the use of high grade steel and materials.  Hard wearing roller construction in aluminium to save weight.  Precise and accurate soft start Powr drive control giving smooth millimetre by millimetre manoeuvring.  360 degree directional precision control with in motion directional adjustment.  Comprehensive directional performance, all with 4 speed settings.  Multifunction handset and base unit warning indication system.  Designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards including ISO 9001:2008.  See More Info.

Truma Motor Mover XT2 Twin Axle 61210-01

Manoeuvre twin-axle caravans with a permissible gross weight of 2300kg confidently over a 13% gradient with the new mover XT. 
Its low weight and innovative, highly accurate control unit produce a unique feeling of confidence and reliability. 

Its unbeatable 28kg weight makes it the lightest manoeuvring system in its class. Moves smoothly and accurately around corners. New remote handset guarantees maximum control. For single axle caravans up to 2300kg.

Truma Motor Mover XT4 Twin Axle 61310-01

Mover XT4 really gets you started. In about 90 seconds, you can even turn your double-axle caravan in circles with the mover XT4.

Maximum manoeuvring precision thanks to dynamic move technology and precise straight-line stability as if on rails, even on uneven ground. Overcome obstacles effortlessly with infinitely variable steering and acceleration and masters gradients of up to 10 percent.