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CTM 2905 Truma TruMove S Caravan Mover

Truma TruMove S is an electronically engaging mover  for single axle caravans weighing up to 2000kg. This product replaces the previously named Mover SER product, is blue in colour and features the NEW quick clamp system to reduce your fitting time.  Remote control for millimetre precision. Manoeuvre securely on any surface and offers total peace of mind when parking your caravan.  Durable and maintenance free.  Weight 33kg.  See More Info.


CTM 2906 Truma XT Caravan Mover

The new Mover XT scores a first by using a brushless DC motor. This extremely efficient high-tech motors allow significant weight savings and the improved efficiency means it can be operated on a much smaller battery.  Being 5kg lighter that its predecessor the SE R and needing only a 38Ah battery means more space and more loading options for your caravan.  The Truma Dynamic Mover Technology® allows extremely precise directional stability. This is achieved by clever electronics that monitor the motors and ensure they always move at the correct speed. The effect is that the caravan moves straight ahead like it's on rails and it easily overcomes any obstacles without drifting from side to side.  See More Info.


CTM 2920 Truma Driver Roller

Truma mover drive roller, fits S / SE and TE new generation  movers, lightweight aluminium with HD ribbing for maximum traction, sold singularly. See More Info.

CTM 2922 Carver Mover Drive Rollers 182mm

Carver drive rollers to suit original single axle Euro carver mover, 182 mm long, sold in pairs.  PLEASE MEASURE YOUR EXISTING ROLLERS PRIOR TO ORDERING AS THE 159MM ROLLERS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

CTM 2925 Truma Mover Roller End Cap

Truma Mover plastic end cap. suits all Truma mover rollers SE  R  -  TE R   -  SR,     Overall diameter 63mm.

CTM 2930 Carver / Truma Twin Axle Mover Control

Carver / Truma original twin axle caravan mover handset.  

CTM 2935  Truma Go2 Remote Control Handset

Remote control hand set for the Truma GO2 caravan mover, black with 6 yellow function buttons.

CTM 2940 Truma Mover Remote Handset TE

Truma mover remote handset for Truma TE (R) (R4) Trumove T.