Water & Waste Containers

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CCW 1004 Water Container 10 Litre

Fresh water container made from tough white plastic, with screw cap. Capacity 10 litres.

CCW 1005 Water Container 10 Litre With Tap

Fresh water container made from tough white plastic, with screw tap cap to enable use on its side as a barrel. Capacity 10 litres.

CCW 1021 Water Container 25 Litre With Tap

Fresh water container made from tough white plastic, with screw tap cap to enable use on its side as a barrel.  Tap can be housed in the jerrican when not in use.   Capacity 25 litres.  See  More Info.

CCW 1022 Fresh Water Container 25 Litre

Fresh water container made from strong white plastic. Screw cap. Will stack one on top of the other. Ideal for easy storage. Capacity 25 litres.

CCW 1028 Fiamma Roll Fresh Tank 23 Litre

Convenient and portable Fiamma 23 litre fresh water tank with discharge cap at base.  Supplied with extra blanking cap.  Dimensions 100cm x 33cm x 25cm.  Weight 2.4kg.

CCW 1031 Fiamma Roll Fresh Tank 40 Litre

Fiamma portable 40 litre drinking water roll tank with easy grip handle and two large wheels that make transportation easy even on gravel.  Made of non-toxic material and easy to clean wide cap.  Weight 3.8kg.  See More Info.

CCW 1032 Whale Watermaster'O' Rings

Whale Watermaster 'O' Rings.  Pack of 2.

CCW 1037 Aquaroll 40 Litre

Aquaroll barrel type water container, complete with collapsible handle and water filler tube. Has top and side opening which gives the facility to connect to the mains water supply via optional mains adapter kit CCW 1041. Capacity 40 litres.  See  More Info. for spares.

CCW 1038 Aquaroll Stand 40 Litre

Stand for 40 litre Aquaroll allows you to use the Aquaroll as a barrel when fitted with tap (Part No. CCW 1039). Ideal for tents and awnings.

CCW 1039 Aquaroll Tap 80mm

Tap for 29 litre and 40 litre Aquaroll with cap size of 80mm. Enables your Aquaroll to be used on its side as a barrel.  Ideal for tents and awnings.

CCW 1040 Aquaroll and Wastemaster Cap 80mm

Replacement Wastemaster and Aquaroll 80mm screw cap, for 29 litre and 40 litre Aquaroll and Wastemaster containers.

CCW 1041 Aquaroll Mains Adapter Kit

Aquaroll mains water adapter kit is designed to give caravans and motorhomes the benefit of running water where mains water supply is available.  As there is no mains water pressure inside the caravan or motorhome, the danger of flooding is eliminated. Kit comprises 7.5 metres of food quality hose, snap on 1/2" and 3/4" threaded tap connectors and a snap on connector to the ball valve.  Suitable for 29 or 40 litre Aquarolls that have a side cap.  SAVE £12.00

Was: £51.95
CCW 10411 Float Valve

Replacement float valve for use on Aquaroll, Aquarius and Roly Poly water carriers.

CCW 1042 Aquaroll Handle

Aquaroll replacement handle for 29 litre or 40 litre Aquaroll.

CCW 1043 Aquaroll Filler Tube

The official Aquaroll filler tube is suitable for use with the 29 and 40 litre Aquarolls. This item allows the user to fill their Aquaroll with fresh water from the mains with ease.

CCW 1045 Aquaroll Pump Connector 40 Litre

Aquaroll Pump Connector for 40 Litre Aquaroll 80mm Cap.

CCW 10451 Aquaroll End Sockets

Pack of 2 Aquaroll replacement end sockets, into which the handle fixes.

CCW 1046 Fiamma Water Tank 70 Litre

Fiamma fresh water tank made of non toxic material. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Complete with all necessary fittings for installation.  Capacity 70 litres.  See More Info.

CCW 1050 Waste Container 23 Litre

Waste water container made from strong black plastic, with outlet on side for waste pipe to enable you to place waste container under your caravan or motorhome. Capacity 23 litres.

CCW 1055 Fiamma Roll Waste Tank 23 Litre

Fiamma practical and portable 23 litre tank for waste water with discharge cap at base.  Dimensions 50cm x 33cm x 25cm.  Weight 2.4kg.  See More Info.

CCW 1060 Fiamma 40 Litre Waste Tank

Fiamma 40 litre rolling waste tank with level indicator and air release valve.  Filling and dis-charging are performed through a Sanitary-Flex drain tube (not included).   45 degree angle adapter for discharge included.  Weight 3kg.

CCW 1065 Wastemaster

A strong dual-purpose waste carrier for caravans and motorhomes. Takes waste water and your toilet cassette tank to disposal point in one trip. Has two filling points, with a 20L capacity through the top of the tank plus an extra 10L capacity at the base. Will slide under most caravans.  Sturdy, wide wheels makes rolling over rough ground easier. 

CCW 1067 Wastemaster Economy

New for 2019 and manufactured in the UK by FL Hitchman, the Wastemater Economy 36 litre waste water container is produced from re-cycled polymer material making it more eco friendly.  It has thinner walls than the original Wastemater and  comes with a free guarantee for 2 years.  Fits easily and neatly under your caravan.  Complete with luggage elastics, it measures 100cm x 52cm.  See  More Info.  

CCW 1100 40 Litre Aquaroll Cover Green

Waterproof quality nylon cover for Aquaroll 40 litre. Colour Green.

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