Internal Cleaning

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CCL 5010 Thetford Bathroom Cleaner

Thetford bathroom cleaner is an active foam that has been specially developed for easy, safe cleaning of all plastic surfaces in caravans or motorhomes. Removes hard water stains and ensures not only perfect hygiene but also a brilliant shine. Powerful cleaning agent for daily maintenace. 

CCW 4113 Puriclean 400gms

Puriclean dual action powder cleans and purifies water systems including tanks, hoses, fittings and taps, non-toxic and non-caustic. Puriclean does not taste, smell, foam or harm any system components.  Can also be used to remove stains from cups, tea pots, plastic and glassware etc. Large tub 400 gms.  See More Info.

CCW 4114 Puriclean 100gms

Puriclean dual action powder cleans and purifies water systems including tanks, hoses, fittings and taps, non-toxic and non-caustic, does not taste, smell, foam or harm any system components.  Puriclean can also be used to remove staines from cups, tea pots, plastic and glassware etc. Small tub 100 gms.

CCW 4118 Thetford Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Thetford Toilet Bowl Cleaner has a unique de-scaling property, which easily removes soil and scale deposits. As a result this prevents growth of soil and creates a beautiful shine and brilliance. The thick concentrated formula coats the bowl for better cleaning and targets even the hard to reach areas of the bowl, leaving a fresh scent behind. 750ml.  See More Info.

CCW 4121 Fenwicks Waste Pipe & Tank Clean

Fenwicks Waste Pipe and Tank Clean is a one shot interior cleaning agent for your caravan or motor home. Used neat it unblocks blocked drains, cleans grey and black water systems including convoluted hoses killing germs. Dilute to a 10:1 solution to clean work surfaces, cookers, fridges, sinks, wash basins showers and toilets. Fully biodegradable and food safe. Also removes nicotine, egg, limescale, formaldehyde and other hard to remove stains. Excellent all round value for money cleaner. 1 Litre.

CCW 4135 Thetford Tank Freshener

Thetford tank freshener reduces deposits and grease contamination in your grey water tank and pipework. Pleasantly pine scented, ideal for use in wastemaster, grey water tanks etc. 1.5 litre.  See More Info.

CCW 4136 Elsan Tank Fresh 2 Litres

Elsan grey water Tank Fresh eliminates odours and dissolves grease, preventing unpleasant smells from sinks, showers and drains. Elsan grey water tank cleaner will keep your system clean, fresh smelling and free flowing. Ideal for flushing through your waste system before the start of a new season or before use when purchasing a second hand caravan or motorhome.  2 Litres.   

CCW 4140 Wastemaster Superclean

Wastemaster Superclean is a newly formulated product for cleaning Wastemaster and other waste tanks. One bottle is sufficient to clean a Wastemaster twice. 200ml bottle.

CHD 8001 Melamine Soak

Melamine Soak is a 3-in-1 safe, BLEACH FREE powder soak for cleaning, de-staining and deodorising melamine crockery and cutlery. Easy to use, simply add a teaspoon (5g) of powder to each cup and add recently boiled water to above the tannin stained area and leave to soak for 2-3 hours, or overnight. For quick results (approx 15 minutes soak time), add 2 teaspoons.  Each 100g container provides up to 20 cleans and is easily stored within your caravan, motorhome or boat for future use.