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CAC 8900 Truma Saphir Compact Caravan Air Conditioning Unit 44081-02

The less weight that you add to your caravan or motorhome the better, at only 20KG, the Truma Saphir Compact air conditioning unit is the ideal, lightweight solution to adding air conditioning to your caravan or motorhome. The units low energy consumption makes it ideal for use on any campsite in the UK or throughout Europe. Operated entirely by a remote control, operation couldn't be easier. The unit as with the others in the range boast an extra-quiet sleep function for use overnight, adding a whole new dimension of cooling! The Truma Saphir Compact caravan air conditioning unit can also be used whilst driving using the TG 1000 Sinus Power Inverter. • Suitable for vehicle lengths of up to 5.5 M • Low energy consumption • Lightweight • Can be used overnight and whilst driving (with TG 1000 sinus) • Compactly fitted and installed out of the way in storage unit. Meaning no unnecessary cutting in the roof of your vehicle, motorhome or caravan.  See More Info.

CAC 8901 Truma Saphir Comfort RC Caravan Air Conditioning Unit 44035-01

Truma Saphir comfort RC is a powerful storage compartment air conditioning system that cools very quickly and efficiently. In cooling mode, the Truma Saphir also dehumidifies and cleans the air with the integrated fluff and particle filters. Thanks to the reversible cooling circulation system it can also be used as a heater with heat pump. With a heat output of 1700W, the appliance generates pleasant warmth, especially during spring and autumn.  The storage compartment air conditioning system can be adjusted by remote control or on the digital CP plus iNet ready control panel. If, in addition to the air conditioner, you also have a Truma Combi heater in your vehicle, you can use automatic climate control.  The storage compartment air conditioning system is ideal for vehicles between 5.5 and about 6.5 metres long. For larger vehicles, we recommend that you install two Saphir air conditioning systems.  See More Info.

CAC 8902 Truma Aventa Compact Air Conditioning Unit 44300-01

The Aventa compact plus roof-mounted air conditioning system impresses with maximum power in a minimum amount of space. The housing is compact yet boasts 2,200 watts of cooling power.  The Aventa compact plus is as small as it is light, so it fits on almost any leisure vehicle roof. This applies even if the roof-mounted air conditioning system shares the space with a top-box, solar panel and satellite dish. With its considerable cooling capacity, it’s not just ideal for smaller van conversions. Choice of interior colour.  See More Info.

CAC 8903 Truma Aventa Comfort Air Conditioning Unit 44090-51

Truma Aventa roof mounted air conditioning unit with both cooling and heating function.  An attractive and discreet unit.  It has 3 fan levels when cooling and 2 when heating.  Aventa Comfort also has a sleep function for silent cooling overnight.  Complete kit includes air conditioning unit, air distributor and sealing frame.  Suitable for vehicles up to approximately 7.5 metres. Interior colour Cream or Grey.  See More Info.