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CST 2000 Stronghold Stabiliser

Stronghold stabiliser has a quick release mechanism and comes complete with a fast fit 'L' bracket that clamps onto the chassis, eliminating the need to drill. Controls pitch and sway when towing. Fitted with two 4" friction pads and precision ground 'Q' plates to maximise braking action. For vehicles with bolt on towball. Supplied with FREE stabiliser storage bag.

CST 2005 Bulldog 100Q Stabiliser

Bulldog 100Q stabiliser with heavy duty construction. Pot holes, speeding vehicles and uneven road surfaces are just some of the hazards that can make towing a caravan or trailer a dangerous experience. Easily fitted with no holes to drill the 100Q will help reduce these effects. A silicone chrome leaf spring takes care of any pitching movement and again does not rely on gripping a ball to be effective. With over 250,000 past and present users the 100Q is a proven answer to staying in control.  For vehicles with bolt on towball.  See More Info.

CST 2010 Bulldog 200Q Stabiliser

Bulldog 200Q stabiliser with heavy duty construction, controls pitch and sway when towing, for a safer towing experience. Complete with 'L' bracket for caravan, eliminates the need to drill chassis. Quick release mechanism.  Bolt on car bracket can be reversed to fit either side of caravan chassis. For vehicles with bolt on towball.  See More Info.

CST 20101 Bulldog 400Q Stabiliser

The 400Q Twin stabiliser has all the features of the 200Q but features an additional leaf spring to cope with the rigours of towing heavier commercial trailers. The twin car plate has been designed to fit both 4WD adjustable tow bars and standard British tow bars with bolt on towball.

CST 2011 Winterhoff WS300 Stabiliser

The design of the Winterhoff WS3000 stabiliser dampens dangerous, side-to-side rolling of the caravan right from the start ensuring safe track holding. The arrangement of the front and rear friction elements reduces the unpleasant pitching movement of the car/caravan combination, e.g as a result of undulations or dips in road surfaces. The slender design guarantees excellent angular flexibility for manoeuvring. Reduced rolling and pitching up to 330 Nm.  Convenient single lever system for coupling and stabilising.  Extremely large friction elements for long service life.  Generously dimensioned spring assemblies for constant pressure.  Clear indication of wear.   EU approved for a trailer weight up to 3000 kilos.  Permissible drawbar load 150 kilos.

CST 2014 ALKO Mk 2 AKS 3004 Triple Pack

ALKO Mk 2 AKS 3004 Triple Pack stabiliser pack effectively suppresses any snaking movements of the caravan by the use of 4 special friction pads which surround the towball. Special ALKO tow ball (included) must be used to allow full articulation without fouling rear of vehicle. Improves towing stability and provides excellent ride comfort with optimum road safety.

CST 3090 Stabiliser Storage Sleeve

Stabiliser storage sleeve to protect your stabiliser when on holiday or when not in use.  Excellent value.   Manufactured in hardwearing PVC. Colour Blue.

CTB 3342 AL-KO Safety Ball

AL-KO Safety Ball fits inside coupling mechanism of ALKO stabilisers to prevent contamination of friction pads and used in other couplings to aid in preventing unauthorised towing away of your caravan or trailer, when used with a locking device such as SD 3001.