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CAP 2036 Travel Steam Iron

PLS Travel steam iron is dual voltage 110v/240v with adjustable temperature control for both steam and dry ironing. The lightweight design comes with a 60ml water tank which provides for steam jet or water spray ironing and comes complete with its own waterfill jug. Colour white. **LESS THAN HALF PRICE **

Was: £19.95
CAP 8003 300 Watt Inverter

300 Watt Power Inverter converts 12 volt DC from car, leisure battery or other high power portable 12 volt source to 220 - 240 volt AC 50Hz to allow running of mains only appliances. Maximum continuous power 300 watts. With overload protection and low voltage warning and cut off.

Was: £32.95
CAP 8005 500 Watt Power Inverter

PowerSource 500 watt inverter includes a high power 2A USB socket suitable for recharging smart phones, MP3 players and tablets. Manufactured from lightweight durable ABS.  Supplied with either DC plug to connect directly to your vehicles DC power socket or battery clips for connection directly to the vehicle battery.  CE Approved.  See More Info.

CAP 8007 1000 Watt Inverter

1000 Watt Power Inverter coverts 12 volt DC from car, leisure battery or other high power portable 12 volt source to 220 - 240 volt AC 50Hz to allow running of mains only appliances. Maximum continuous power 1000 watts. With overload protection and high performance cooling fan that will keep the inverter running at optimum temperature. See More Info.

CAP 8010 2000 Watt Inverter

The PowerSource range of professional Modified Sine Wave Inverters are the ideal choice for powering tools and equipment in demanding environments such as service vehicles, commercial applications and remote locations without a normal mains supply. Some models offer integral earth leakage protection to simplify installations and provide additional safety. The hard wired outputs on these models also allow a more integrated solution for service vehicle and similar installations.  See More Info.

CCE 4020 Free Standing Mobile Mains Unit

Mobile mains supply unit to†use in caravan, motorhome, awning or tent, comes complete with 20 metre lead with mains site plug, three 13 amp sockets and RCD protection. A free standing unit which simply plugs into the camp power supply to bring safe power to your appliances.† LESS THAN HALF PRICE

Was: £59.98
CCG 2066 Veritas Gas Mantle

Veritas Elephant brand gas mantle.  Choice of Model number. See More Info.

CCS 8045 LED Flexi Light

900mm Flexi 90 LED tent/awning light specifically designed for todays camper. Multiple LED lighting giving a high light output whilst minimising power consumption. Bright enough to see, with multi-positioning to light up every corner of your tent. Comes with 12 volt and 230 volt adapters and cables.† Velcro or clip attachment for universal fitting.† Light Output: 294 lumens.

CCS 8049 Mini Camp Lamp

One for the kids!† Their own mini multi position, adjustable camp lamp with full or diffused beam. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).

Was: £2.50
CCS 8051 Rolson 6 LED Camping Light

Rolson super bright 6 LED light with sinple push button operation.† 11000-13000 LCD.† Supplied with 3AA batteries.

CCS 8052 Cyba-Lite Mini LED Lantern

The Cyba-Lite mini 0.5W LED lantern with up to 26 lumens output is 7 times brighter than a standard LED.† Lightweight and compact.† See Spec.†

CCS 8055 Veritas Camping Gaz Mantle

Elephant Brand Veritas Camping Gaz slip on mantle No. M2557.† 100 Candle power.†

CCX 0009 Camping Gas Lantern

Royal gas lantern with glass shade. Fully adjustable. Ideal for camping, fishing, trekking etc or handy in a power cut.† Uses 190 grm pierceable cartridges.† Normal Price £15.95.† 2 LEFT IN STOCK†  

CWS 2066 Bullfinch Handilight Gas Mantles

Bullfinch No. 1617 Handilight gas mantles.† Two per pack.

CWS 2080 Portable Fluorescent Lamp 12V

Portable fluorescent lamp which plugs into cigarette lighter socket or connects onto 12 volt battery with crocodile clips supplied. Has hanging hook and vertical stand. Ideal for tents or awnings. 4 metres of cable. 12 volt, 8 watt.††††††††† HALF PRICE

Was: £8.50