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CCW 3003 Whale Standard Water Pump

Whale Standard 12 volt submersible water pump. Flow rate 10.3 litres per minute. Ideal for basic one outlet applications. SPECIAL OFFER PRICE

Was: 12.95
CCW 3004 Whale Premium Water Pump

Whale Premium 12 volt submersible water pump, with a larger flow rate than the Whale Standard Pump at 13.2 litres per minute.  Simple, compact, long life pump and very quiet with low power.  Suitable for use with pressure switch and microswitch systems.

Was: 32.95
CCW 3006 Whale High Flow 921 Water Pump

Whale High Flow 921 12 volt submersible water pump. Flow rate 16 litres per minute. Compact pump designed to be dropped into water container.  Ideal for two to three outlets.

CCW 3007 Whale 991 Premium In-Line Water Pump

Whale 991 12 volt In-Line water pump. Flow rate 12 litres per minute.

Was: 39.95
CCW 3008 Whale High Flow 921 In-Line Water Pump

Whale High Flow 921 12 volt In-Line water pump. Flow rate 13.4 litres per minute. Simple. compact pump ideal for two to three outlets. 

Was: 54.95
CCW 3009 Reich Twin Submersible Water Pump

Reich Twin submersible pumps are especially durable and powerful.  Their durability is enhanced by special high-tech sealing. An automatic patented vent speeds delivery once submerged  with built in strainer and non return valve. All pumps are extremely quiet in use. If one of the twin pumps fail the other will continue to work at reduced pressure.  Flow Rate 19 litres per minute. See Spec. 

CCW 3010 Reich Submersible Water Pump

Reich compact submersible 12 volt pump with automatic vent and 1 metre of cable.  Tank opening diameter 45mm.  Flow rate 12 litres per minute.

CCW 3012 Whale High Flow 921 Pump Assembly

Whale Watermaster High Flow 921 replacement pump, complete with hose. For inlet socket see Part No. CCW 1000 or CCW 1002.

CCW 3014 Whale Superfil 80

Whale GP 1332 Superfil 80 pump is an easy and convenient way to fill caravan or motorhome inboard water tanks and cassette toilet tanks, from an external water supply. Simply drop the pump into the water, plug in and fill. The Whale Superfil 80 kit contains a 12 volt whale submersible pump giving you 13 ltrs/min flow rate, 1500mm hose, 12 volt socket for installation and full instructions.  See More Info.

CCW 3015 Whale Portable Pump Kit

The Whale GP1642 kit is a versatile portable pumping solution for washing down your caravan, motorhome, boat or car.  Use as a portable shower or fill inboard tanks as the low voltage, high flow pump gives excellent performance making it suitable for cold or warm water.  Complete with easy to maintain, wipe clean 3.75 metre (12.5 ft) hose and nozzle, plus 3.75 metre (12.5ft) cable with battery clips and cigar lighter connector.

CCW 3021 Whale Truma/Carver Mk2 High Flow Pump Assembly

Whale Truma/Carver Crystal compatible replacement High Flow water pump, complete with hose. 

CCW 3023 Whale Watermaster Easi-Press Pump Assembly

Whale Watermaster Easi-Press Plug 12 volt submersible pump assembly is designed for the Truma Ultraflow water housing.  Maximum flow rate 16 litres per minute.  Top performance pump suitable for microswitch or pressurised systems high quality dust cover which holds shape over time and prevents debris entering.   Incorporates an anti air-locking pump enhancing the performance of the Whale water system.  The easily replaceable pump that can be removed and replaced if necessary.   Easy fit plug stays secure.   Protective plug cover ensures seal is covered when stored.   

CCW 3025 Truma Ultraflow Pump Assembly 800mm

Truma Ultraflow pump assembly with ergonomically shaped pistol grip is plugged into the filter or compact housing. 800mm hose.  For inlet socket see Part No. CCG 2721 or GGC 2722. 

CCW 3027 Truma Ultraflow Inlet Hose

Truma Ultraflow inlet hose for use when caravans or motorhomes have an inboard pump.  The assembly has a strainer on one end which is submerged into the external water container.  800mm hose length.

CCW 3030 Floe Drain Down System Carver Crystal 2

The Floe drain down system is designed for caravans and motorhomes vulnerable to frost damage during the winter months.  Floe will simply push the water out following the natural flow of water even through your water heater, leaving pipes, boilers and components empty and protected.  It also eliminates the risk of stagnant water being trapped inside the system.  Floe is the only sure method of getting rid of water, leaving the system empty and ready for fresh water. Select a kit for your system.  The adapter is fitted to the water inlet on the side of the caravan or motorhome, giving access to the water system.  The other end is connected to a footpump, hand pump or tyre compressor (not included).  You will then be able to blow the water out of your taps and fittings effortlessly.  Comes complete with DVD giving full instructions on how to use.  For Carver Crystal 2 systems.  See More Info.

CCW 3050 Shurflo Pump - Trail King 7 - 20psi

20 psi Shurflo water pump with triple diaphragm  integral pressure switch. Motors have internal circuit breaker for overload protection and are fully suppressed.  Robust die cast alloy lower housing with twin ball bearing drive.  Shurflow pumps can run dry without damage. Low amp draw and extremely quiet in operation. Suitable for low pressure water storage heaters such as Cascade Rapide. 12 volt. For Shurflow pump strainers see CCW 4027, CCW 4028, CCW 4030 and CCW 4031.  For pump connectors see CCW 1049.

CCW 3051 Shurflo Pump - Trail King 7 - 30psi

30psi Shurflo water pump with triple diaphragm and  integral pressure switch. Motors have internal circuit breaker for overload and are fully suppressed.  Robust die cast allow lower housing with twin ball bearing drive.  Shurflow pumps can run dry without damage. Low amp draw and extremely quiet in operation. Suitable for instantaneous water heaters such as Rinnai, Valiant or Ultrastore. 12 volt.  For Shurflo pump strainers see CCW 4027, CCW 4028,  CCW 4030 and CCW 4031.  For pump connectors see CCW 1049.

CCW 3052 Fiamma Aqua F Pump

The Fiamma Aqua F pump delivers 8 litres per minute with less noise and excellent price performance.  A self priming diaphragm pump with 4 chambers designed for constant and high flow.  Equipped with innovative inner membrane made from a single piece to ensure a watertight seal.  With anti-vibration base and external filter for easy maintenance.  Enhanced motor with high efficiency to ensure high capacity with low power.  For full details see Spec.

CCW 3054 Whale Universal Water Pump UFO

Whale Universal 12 volt water pump has a flow rate of 8 litres per minute.  Suitable for 2 to 3 outlets, the Whale Universal pump is extremely quiet due to its flexible feet which absorb system vibration.  It has a protected microswitch and its low power consumption gives greater battery life. The Whale UFO pump is available in two models - UF0812 operating at 15psi cut out pressure or UF0815 operating at 15psi cut out pressure.  Maximum Hhead on UF0812 is 10 metres abd on UF0815 is 30 metres.  Inlet/outlet size Whale Quick Connect 15mm.  Supplied with two 1/2" flexible hose adapters.  Please chose model required below. 

CCW 3056 Whale Aquasmart Water Pump System

Whale Aquasmart vertical mount fresh water pump system has an open flow rate of 5.5 litres per minute with a cut out pressure of 30 psi.  Inlet / outlet size 1/2" BSP male fittings included for 12mm semi-rigid and 1/2" flexible pipework.  Whale self priming pump can run dry without damage.  No need to reset pressure switch.  Kit contains 1 - pump, 1 - filter, 1 - pressure switch, hose and connectors.  For Aquasmart Socket see Part No. CCW 1015.  For replacement filter see Part No. CCW 4020.

CCW 3057 Whale Universal Freshwater Pump

The Whale Universal freshwater on board water pump delivers a smooth, consistent flow and runs dry without damage. Performance, Power plus Protection. 20% lighter than Whale Smartflo. Vertically mounted. Quick Conntect 12mm ports. Rubber feet to absorb vibration. Fully sealed protective motor cover. 12V D.C., 2bar/30psi, 6Amp fuse, 12mm Quick connect ends.

CCW 3058 Flojet Water Pump

Flojet 12 volt automatic triple diaphragm water pump allows smooth operation without the need for an accumulator tank. Self priming up to 9 feet suction lift. The Flojet Water Pump is able to run dry without damage. Totally enclosed motor which is fully suppressed. Weight 1.59kg.  See More Info.

CCW 3060 Whale Baby Foot Pump

Whale Baby manual water pump, floor mounting, self priming, foot operated diaphragm pump. Economical way of pumping water. The Whale Baby pump is easy to install and gives a smooth performance.  Will pump approximately 8 litres per minute.   For service kit see CCW 5027.

Was: 32.26
CCW 3061 Whale Flipper Pump Mk4

Whale Flipper Mk 4 manual freshwater pump with swivel spout is ideal for installing between two sinks.  Easy operation with a light back and forth action, delivering 7 litres of flow per minute.  Is suitable for fresh or salt water use.  Not for use in pressurised systems.  See More Info.

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