Toilet Chemicals

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CCS 1010 Elsan Twin Pack

Elsan twin pack of 1 x 2 litre double concentrate blue and 1 x 2 litre double concentrate rinse. Highly popular product with a great saving.

CCS 1011 Elsan Double Blue 1L

Elsan double blue anti-bacterial toilet fluid is double concentrated so you only have to use half the quantity giving you a big saving on each dose. It is no surprise that Elsan toilet fluids are the first choice for caravanners, boating and camping enthusiasts, and all those who insist upon reliability, superior performance and exceptional value. Elsan Blue's powerful anti-bacterial formula kills germs and eliminates odours.  Suitable for all chemical and cassette toilets.  1 Litre.

CCS 1012 Elsan Blue 2L

Elsan blue perfumed toilet fluid for non flushing toilets.  2 Litres.

CCS 1014 Elsan Double Rinse 400ml

Elsan Double Rinse is double concentrated to give you the same Elsan performance and reliability on which you've always relied. Now, however you only need use half the quantity giving you a big saving on each dose.
For all cassette systems and chemical toilets.  400ml.

CCS 1020 Aqua Kem Blue 1L

Aquakem blue toilet fluid is pleasantly perfumed and biodegradeable, it prevents odour build up and helps dissolve waste matter. 1 litre.  See More Info.

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CCS 1021 Aqua Kem Blue 2L

Aquakem blue toilet fluid is a thick non-drip toilet fluid pleasantly perfumed and biodegradable, prevents odour build up, helps dissolve waste matter and keeps holding tanks clean. 2 litre.   See More Info.

CCS 1024 Aqua Kem 12 Sachets

Aqua Kem blue toilet sachets in a pouch of 12.  Use one sachet per 20 litre holding tank capacity.  Easy to use sachets completely dissolve in water giving outstanding odour control.  Liquefies waste for easy emptying.  Refresh every  4 to 5 days.   See More Info.    

CCS 1026 Aqua Kem Green 375ml

Aquakem green toilet fluid is a non toxic formaldehyde-free, environmentally friendly way to neutralise waste. Pleasant citrus perfume. 375 ml.  Handy size for weekend trips.  Less weight.  See More Info.

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CCS 1027 Aqua Kem Green 1.5L

Aquakem green toilet fluid is a non toxic formaldehyde-free, environmentally friendly way to neutralise waste. Pleasant citrus perfume. 1.5 litre.  See More Info.

CCS 1029 Aqua Kem 15 Green Sachets

Water-soluble, pre-measured waste-holding tank sachets with biological action for daily use of the mobile toilet. The water-soluble sachets provide maximum ease of use, as they always come in the right dose. Aqua Kem Green Sachets are ideal for dedicated campers who are looking for convenient and responsible products. Combines the proven quality of Aqua Kem Blue Sachets with Biological action. Superior odour control. Liquefies waste for easier tank emptying. Refresh every 4 days.  15 sachets.

CCS 1032 Aqua Rinse 1.5L

New improved formula Aqua Rinse, use 100ml per 15 litre of flush tank capacity. Provides a more effective flush and keeps the flush water fresh and clean. Septic tank safe. Leaves a protective film in the bowl. The lubrication action makes the blade of the waste holding tank easier to open and close.  1.5 litres.

CCS 1033 Aqua Kem Concentrated Duo Pack

Thetford Aqua Kem concentrated duo pack.   0.78ml Aqua Kem Blue Lavender Concentrate and 0.75ml Aqua Kem Rinse Concentrate.  A concentrated twin pack containing the powerful Blue toilet fluid and fresh smelling Pink rinse to keep your cassette and portable toilet in optimum condition.  See More Info.

CCS 1050 Thetford Toilet Seal Lubricant

Thetford seal lubricant is specially developed for the care and lubrication of toilet seals on caravan and motorhome toilets, ensuring a smooth operation of your Thetford toilet valve blade. 200 ml. Aerosols cannot be sent outside UK Mainland.   See More Info. 

CCS 1100 Thetford Aqua Soft Toilet Tissue

NEW super-soft toilet tissue that flushes easily and quickly dissolves, preventing clogging and makes the waste holding tank easier to empty.  Thetford Aqua Soft is specially formulated for chemical toilets. 4 rolls per pack.  See More Info.

CCS 1200 Mini Toilet Brush

Mini toilet brush is compact and designed for use in caravans and motorhomes. The brush easily clips into the wall mounted holder to keep it secure whilst travelling. Colour White.

CCS 1205 Toilet Roll Holder

W4 Toilet roll holder ideal for caravan or motorhome, which has a special mechanism to prevent toilet roll unravelling whilst travelling. Colour White.

CCW 4118 Thetford Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Thetford Toilet Bowl Cleaner has a unique de-scaling property, which easily removes soil and scale deposits. As a result this prevents growth of soil and creates a beautiful shine and brilliance. The thick concentrated formula coats the bowl for better cleaning and targets even the hard to reach areas of the bowl, leaving a fresh scent behind. 750ml.  See More Info.

CCW 4121 Fenwicks Waste Pipe & Tank Clean

Fenwicks Waste Pipe and Tank Clean is a one shot interior cleaning agent for your caravan or motor home. Used neat it unblocks blocked drains, cleans grey and black water systems including convoluted hoses killing germs. Dilute to a 10:1 solution to clean work surfaces, cookers, fridges, sinks, wash basins showers and toilets. Fully biodegradable and food safe. Also removes nicotine, egg, limescale, formaldehyde and other hard to remove stains. Excellent all round value for money cleaner. 1 Litre.

CCW 4135 Thetford Tank Freshener

Thetford tank freshener reduces deposits and grease contamination in your grey water tank and pipework. Pleasantly pine scented, ideal for use in wastemaster, grey water tanks etc. 1.5 litre.  See More Info.

CCW 4136 Elsan Tank Fresh 2 Litres

Elsan grey water Tank Fresh eliminates odours and dissolves grease, preventing unpleasant smells from sinks, showers and drains. Elsan grey water tank cleaner will keep your system clean, fresh smelling and free flowing. Ideal for flushing through your waste system before the start of a new season or before use when purchasing a second hand caravan or motorhome.  2 Litres.   

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CHW 4050 Towel Ring

Designed with the confined space of a caravan washroom in mind, yet still large enough to hold a bath towel. Complete with screw covers and stainless steel screws. Colour White.

CHW 4055 Robe Hook

2 way robe hook, complete with screws and screw covers.  Colour White.