Twin - Aqua Kem Concentrated Duo Pack (0.78Ltr)

Twin -  Aqua Kem Concentrated Duo Pack (0.78Ltr)

Thetford Aqua Kem concentrated duo pack.   0.78ml Aqua Kem Blue Lavender Concentrate and 0.75ml Aqua Kem Rinse Concentrate.  A concentrated twin pack containing the powerful Blue toilet fluid and fresh smelling Pink rinse to keep your cassette and portable toilet in optimum condition.  See More Info.


Specification Ref # 30782DH 060298A

  • Duo pack containing a 780ml bottle of Aqua Kem Blue concentrate and a 750ml bottle of Aqua Rinse concentrate
  • Aqua Kem Blue - Lavendar or eucalyptus or standard will be sent
  • Powerful and easy to use toilet fluid for the waste holding tank
  • Outstanding odour control
  • Liquifies waste for easier tank emptying
  • Reduces gas build-up
  • Aqua Rinse Plus:
  • Forms a protective layer to block build-up and bacteria
  • Highly effective for a smoother flush
  • Improved formula keeps flush water clean
  • Lubricates the seals

Additional delivery charges will be incurred due to restrictions in sending liquids.