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CAC 8805 Kronings Nordic A2400 Air Conditioning System With Heat

The new and very powerful A2400 model are low weight, with a very efficient and a very silent compressor compared to several other units on the market. The units are developed to cope with the very warm summer temperatures in Australia, and the very cold winters in the Nordic countries.
The compressor is specially made to be able to heat to your temperature setting with an outside temperature of -4°C, and an outside humidity of 40%, which is almost 10°C lower temperature compared to most other similar systems. The units are prepared to allow refilling of the cooling liquid, with many other units this is difficult and costly, so the Kroning Nordic air-conditioners are longer lasting when compared to others on the market.  Both the high efficient and very silent compressor, works at low outside temperatures, the VERY efficient cooling and heating system, and the fact that it both can be operated by the remote control and at same time a built in LED display, ensure that you can use the system as a climate-control in both summer and winter.  See More Info.

CCG 2130 Kronings Heat 1500+ Heater

Kronings HEAT 1500+ has been developed for caravans and motorhomes as a supplementary source of heating.  A premium alternative to gas heating - built into your original heating system, or a stand alone system.  Set the thermostat at the temperature you wish, the electric fan and heating elements automatically switches on and off controlled by a CPU processor to optimise the electricity consumption.  See  More Info for details.

CSW 2025 Kronings Camper Belt

Avoid your jockey wheel sinking in the wet and soft surfaces by fitting the Kronings Camper Belt.  It divides the weight and vertical pressure on two wheels and the rubber belt increases lift when driving.  The Kronings Camper Belt can only be installed by replacing the existing jockey wheel.  Shaft diameter 48mm.  Weight 8kgs.

KCM 1100 Kronings Single Axle Mover Automatic

Kronings single axle caravan mover which is easy to use with automatic engagement by control buttons on the handset.  Suitable for single axle caravans up to 2000kgs.  Compact, clean design and minimal maintenance - easy to use.  See More Info.