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CSA 2320 Kronings Ultralight Satellite Antenna

Kronings ultralight satellite antenna weighs just 4.7 kg.  Aluminium dish, 62cm oval, designed to use 30-40% more reflective material than traditional round satellite dishes.  DiSEqC controlled: Fully automatic.  Gain of 80.6 dB signal in digital with BER -0.6, equivalent to round 80cm dish.  Full HD ready Single LNB.  Quick intelligent automatic satellite search.  Remembers the last used satellite, leading to fast and easy usage.  Prepared for digital TV.  User friendly display.  Automatic closing when driving.  Can be mounted close to solar panels and air conditioning systems.  See Spec.

KCM 1000 Kronings Single Axle Mover

Kronings semi-automatic lightweight caravan mover is compact, with a clean design and minimal maintenance.  Easy to use, with a manual engagement with cross actuation allowing both rollers to be engaged from one side.  Single Axle model for caravans up to 1800kgs.  See More Info.