Kartt Turn-Lock 42mm Jockey Wheel KJW42L

Kartt jockey wheel featuring a 42mm diameter shaft size providing robust support and stability for caravans or trailers with a maximum nose weight of up to 150kg. The rubber wheel has a diameter of 200mm and a width of 50mm.

The jockey wheel features a unique Turn-Lok™ system ensuring that the handle remains securely in place during travel, preventing the risk of it falling onto the road, whilst also eliminating the need for clips, chains or rubber bands.



Specification Ref # KJW42L

- Shaft diameter: 42mm

- Rim: Steel

- Tyre: Solid rubber

- Wheel diameter: 200 x 50mm

- Length extension: 220mm

- Maximum nose weight: 150kg

- Product weight: 5.5kg

- Spare wheel: Our code: CSW 2021 , Product code KW006


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