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CCG 2271 Gas Leak Detector Spray

Gas leak detector spray designed to be used to trace costly and potentially dangerous gas and compressed air leaks. 400ml aerosol can. Aerosols cannot be sent outside UK Mainland.  

Was: 8.95
CCG 2273 Truma iNet Box With Level Control

The Truma set contains the Truma LevelControl and iNet Box. The starter pack is ideal for customers who are interested in LevelControl but who do not yet have an iNet Box in their vehicle.

Keep an eye on gas supplies
Together, the two products allow customers to check their gas supplies conveniently and accurately via the Truma App. LevelControl uses ultrasound to measure the gas level and sends this information to the iNet Box, which then sends the data to a smartphone via Bluetooth or SMS. In the Truma App, customers see a detailed overview of their gas level as a percentage and in kilograms, as well as an indication of how long the gas will last. Truma LevelControl works with all common European steel and aluminium cylinders.

Other useful features
Checking how much gas is left via the app is just one useful feature of the iNet System. With an iNet Box in their vehicle, customers can also control their Combi heater and Truma air conditioning system, use automatic climate control and check the vehicle status – at any time and from anywhere using the app.

The Alde Compact 3020 HE is now compatible with the Truma iNet System 


CCG 2275 Gas Level Indicator

Gas level indicator can be used on any propane, butane or mixed fuel gas cylinders.  Designed as a warning device, its shows when the gas cylinder is running low and should be placed near the bottom of the cylinder.  Size 114mm x 50mm.

CFE 1050 Fire Angel Smoke Alarm

The Fire Angel smoke alarm has a built in nuisance alarm silencer. Comes complete with batteries. NCC approved. Conforms to BS EN 14604:2005.

CGA 1050 Truma Gas Filter

 The Truma gas filter effectively protects regulators and valves against dirt and oil residues. This new Truma product filters the gas and captures the oily substances, which are prone to accumulate in the gas pressure regulator and valves which in turn gradually clog up.  Thanks to its efficient filter cartridge, the Truma gas filter captures 99% of the oily particles. To achieve this  Truma uses an innovative patented filter technology for its product. "The filter cartridges can be exchanged simply. A saturation display indicates when they need to be replaced.  The Truma gas filter is installed in front of the gas pressure regulator and is suitable for all wall-mounted single or dual-cylinder gas pressure regulation systems. The product is approved for all EU countries. An efficient gas filter is particularly important in countries where the quality of the gas is lower.  This new product from Truma is the ideal choice to protect the gas systems. The filter retains almost 100% of the aerosols thereby ensuring flawless functionality and the long service life of the systems.


CGA 10501 Truma Gas Filter Cartridge

Truma replacement cartridge gas filter that effectively protects gas systems, regulators and valves against dirt and oil residues and eventual failure. We all know the problems a blocked regulator can cause: The liquid gas contains some oily substances, drips of which are carried in the gas flow. They are deposited in the gas pressure regulator and valves which in turn gradually clog up.

Was: 19.95
CGA 1052 Truma Regulator Elbow

Truma elbow adapter, fits onto standard Truma regulator, and allows pigtail to be fitted at a right angle to existing regulator outlet where space is limited. 

CGA 10521 Gas Bottle Retaining Kit

A neat and practical way of securing your gas bottle, up to 7kg. A kit comprised of a shaped plastic bracket, spacer and durable anchorage strap with nylon buckle.

CGA 1053 Truma Gas BBQ Outlet Point

Truma gas B B Q outlet point, fitted into the ultraflow fitment so as to match other Truma inlet and outlet accessories, connects to 8 mm gas pipe. Colour White.

CGA 1054 LPG Sticker

LPG On Board sticker. Triangle. H 100mm x W 75mm.

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