CSD 8004 SAS HD1 Wheelclamp

SAS HD1 - Suitable for:

  • Steel wheels
  • B: 10-15” approx. rim diameter
  • C: 110-195mm tyre width
  • D: Max 280mm
  • Bolt/nut cover extension pieces are available where you have centralised or offset rim
  • Comes in a durable carry case
  • Weighs 5.4kg

Additional Options:

Specification Ref # S-1211101 K-1211102

HD range:

Offers a range of models to suits different steel wheels 10”-16”, 80-300mm wide. They are a one-piece clamp which covers one wheel nut and fits easily around wheel to lock securely.
They have a high security steel encased lock and double lock for maximum security.
As well as being quick and easy to fit they offer a visual and physical deterrent. Multiple clamps can be ordered across the HD range with locks on the same key, choose keyed alike in the options list.