CSD 8002 Supaclamp Duo Silver

CSD 8002 Supaclamp Duo Silver

Has a reinforced front arm for extra security, and a shorter reinforced and hardened rear clamp for fitting to Ifor Williams Horseboxes and Trailers with leaf springs.

Sold Secure Silver rated for caravan and trailer insurance purposes.
Weighs 4.9kg

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Specification Ref # S-1120121 K-1120122

Supaclamp Duo range:

Quick and easy to fit to 10-15” alloy or steel wheels with a 160-225mm width. They are a one-piece clamp that fits snugly into one wheel bolt hole on the alloy wheel and fits easily around the wheel, and locks securely. The lock is encased in high security steel and double locks for extra security.
Excellent visual and physical deterrent and supplied in a durable plastic carry case for easy storage and transportation.

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