CDR 1000 Snooper DVR-4HD Drive Recorder

CDR 1000 Snooper DVR-4HD Drive Recorder

The Snooper DVR-4HD drive recorder brings together a 1080p HD video camera and an award winning speed camera alert system plus forward collision and lane departure warnings.  Possibly the most feature rich dash cam device, the Snooper DVR-4HD also includes driver fatigue alerts.  For full details click Spec.



  GPS Location Data - With a built -in GPS receiver, DVR-4HD provides the incident's location plus time, date and speed you were traveling. 3 Axis G-Sensor - The built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor will monitor impact from 3 separate directions ensuring that it will never miss an incident. 16GB Micro SD Card Included - To capture any driving incidents, DVR-4HD comes complete with an 16GB micro SD card. Lane Departure Warning System - LDWS is designed to alert drivers when they cross lanes unintentionally, keeping them and their passengers safe on the road. Driver Fatigue Alerts - DVR-4HD includes driver fatigue alerts, which notify drivers to take a break on long distance driving. Drive Cam Connect App - For instant sharing of your driving footage, DVR-4HD comes with a free app to upload your files to  your smartphone. Android and iOs only. Continuous Loop Recording - Automatically overwrite the old data that hasn't been filed into the incident folder, continuous loop recording will allow you to never miss an incident due to a full SD card. Records Both Motion And Still Shots - Get a complete picture of the incident with video footage plus the ability to take still shots of the damage to your vehicle. Built-in Microphone - Record any conversations within the vehicle before, during and after the incident. Focus Range - With an impressive focus range from1.5 metre to the horizon, users can enjoy clear and crisp imagery on close up road signs and number plates to incidents further afield.