CCW 1067 Wastemaster Economy

CCW 1067 Wastemaster Economy

New for 2019 and manufactured in the UK by FL Hitchman, the Wastemater Economy 36 litre waste water container is produced from re-cycled polymer material making it more eco friendly.  It has thinner walls than the original Wastemater and  comes with a free guarantee for 2 years.  Fits easily and neatly under your caravan.  Complete with luggage elastics, it measures 100cm x 52cm.  See  More Info.  


Specification Ref # WMECO

  • Manufactured from Recycled Polymers
  • 2 Year container guarantee.
  • 38 litre capacity.
  • The unique shape gives good balance.
  • Wheels and axle easily removed for cleaning and storage.
  • Take waste water and toilet cassette to disposal.
  • Wide wheels to spread load on soft ground.
  • Carry platform for toilet cassette etc... luggage elastics included.
  • Dimensions: 355mm x 1000mm x 160mm
  • Product Weight 4.5kg approximately