CCL 0120 Kartt Ribbed 48mm Clamp KCL4805

A cast iron jockey wheel clamp with a 48mm diameter shaft size and two bolt holes with 150mm centres. This heavy-duty swing clamp is designed to work with the ribbed tubing on the Kartt wheel jockey, our code: CJW 00191, product code KJW4809.


Specification Ref # KCL4805

The clamp secures and stabilises the jockey wheel, providing support and ease of movement for trailers and caravans when they are not hitched to a vehicle.
The cast iron construction can withstand exposure to moisture, temperature variations, and other environmental factors, ensuring the clamp remains functional and reliable over time.
The clamp is easily installed without the need for specialised tools or expertise.

Shaft diameter: 48mm

Material: Cast iron

Bolt holes centre: 150mm

Fixing holes: 2

Product weight: 2.1kg