CCG 2136 Truma Electroboiler Water Heater

CCG 2136 Truma Electroboiler Water Heater

Truma Electro water heater, is a 230 volt mains electric water heater, has a wall mounted control panel and safty drain valve, the Truma Electric boiler is fully insulated, 850 Watt element, suits John Guest type push on pipe connectors. See More Info.

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Specification Ref # 71201-01 JLS



14 litres

Water pressure

max. 2,8 bar

Heating up time from 15 °C to 70 °C

approx. 70 mins

Electrical heating element output

850 W

Power consumption

230 V / 3,7 A

Max. temperature

70 °C

Weight (without contents)

3 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H)

405 x 405 x 295 mm*

  *Space required for installation: 45 cm diameter, 29.5 cm height

Truma Part No 71201-01