CCE 4018 Dual Stage Charger

Dual Stage Charger. Transformer & Battery Charger Dual Stage 20 Amp Output. The complete 12v Supply Unit, A fully Automatic Supply Direct to Caravan appliance and Electronically Controlled Battery Charging.

Size: (W) 250mm x (D) 125mm x (H) 67mm.Output 1: 13.8 DC Volts - 20 AmpDC Power. Output 2: 6 Amp 3 Stage Battery Charging Boost / Equalisation / Float.


Specification Ref # PO123

Fitted as Standard to major Manufacturers: Bailey Approach 1, Bailey Approach II, Bailey Autograph, Bailey Advance, Coachman Pastiche (up to 2015), Coachman VIP(up to 2015), Coachman Laser (up to 2015), Elddis Encore(Range), Equi-Trek Evolution. There is now an extra white lead that is only used on 2015 Elddis and Bailey motorhomes - if you are replacing a transformer unit this lead can just be tucked out of the way and does not need to be connected to anything.