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CAP 1005 Coffee Maker 12V

Stylish Coffee Maker which plugs into 12 volt cigarette lighter type socket. The compact and light design includes a permanent removable filter and non slip base with luminous switch. Comes complete with 2 ceramic coffee cups. See More Info.

CAP 2000 Cordless Jug Kettle White

Low wattage cordless jug kettle with many superior features * water level gauge * neon indicator light * cool touch handle * automatic switch off with boil dry cut out*. 1 litre capacity. Low 750 wattage. Colour White.

CAP 2006 Cordless Stainless Steel Kettle

Stylish stainless steel cordless kettle. Compact 1.2 litre capacity with water level indicator and safety locking lid. Design includes a cool touch black thermoplastic handle and indicator light. This low wattage kettle features overheat protection and a concealed heating element. Cordless for easy filling and pouring. 750 watt.

CAP 2007 Thermo Pot 5 Litre

The Turnkey Thermo Pot is instant hot water at a touch of a button. Uses only 68O watts to boil so ideal where there is not sufficient power to boil a traditional kettle.  Keeps water warm at just 2 watts and reheats at just 100 watts.  Voltage 230V - 50HZ.  Convenient carry handle, removable lid and soft touch buttons.  Stainless steel inner pot and brushed stainless steel outer body.  Dimensions 40cm high x 23.3cm wide x 30.2cm deep.  Dispenses approximately 38 cups or 19 mugs. Can be used for filling saucepans or even washing up.  Three way dispensing (auto, cup and manual) allows for use away from the mains when required.  No plumbing required so it totally portable.  The ideal product for a family caravan, motor home or even camping holiday. 

CAP 2008 Low Wattage Toaster Chrome

Low wattage 2 slice toaster, with wide toasting slots. Variable browning control with defrost, reheat and cancel buttons. Slide out crumb tray. 800 watt. 

CAP 2010 Low Wattage Toaster

Low wattage 2 slice toaster, with cool wall housing. Variable heat control. 800 watt. Colour White.

CAP 2015 Low Wattage Microwave

The PLS microwave oven has a low 700 watt output making it ideal for caravan and motorhome sites. The 17 litre capacity oven comes complete with glass turntable for even cooking, manual function button and manual timer button. Dimensions 452 mm height x 262 mm depth x 335 mm. Colour Silver.

CCG 2121 Smev 30 Litre Oven & Grill

Smev stainless steel 30 litre, thermostatically controlled oven and grill with 12 volt electronic ignition and interior light.  Easy clean door and interior.  Bottom hinged glass door with safety locking.  Oven output 1.2Kw with 87g/h gas consumption.  Grill output 1.6Kw with gas consumption of 116g/h. Overall dimensions W530 x D415 x H430mm.  Built in W500 x D460 x H410mm.  Weight 19.5Kg.    

CCG 2122 Smev 20 Litre Mini Oven & Grill

Smev stainless steel 20 litre mini oven and grill has the same high quality features as CCG 2121.   Oven output 1.0kw.  Gas consumption oven 73g/h.  Grill output 1.3kw.  Gas consumption grill 95g/h.   Overall dimensions W530 x D410 x H310mm.  Built in W504 x D460 x H283mm.  Weight 13.2Kg.    

CHS 1080 Mini Dish Drainer

Mini dish drainer holds up to 11 plates and  takes up little room on your caravan or motorhome draining board. L 300 x W 200 mm. Colour White.  (Plates not included).

CHS 1085 B-Line Drainer Beige

B-Line studio drainer is a slim and compact unit for holding plates, cups and cutlery. 395 mm x 110 mm. Colour Beige. 

CHS 1086 B-Line Drainer Blue

B-Line studio drainer is a slim and compact unit for holding plates, cups and cutlery. 395 mm x 110 mm. Colour Blue.

CIF 2050 W4 Tablecloth or Curtain Clips (4)

W4 Tablecloth or Curtain Retaining Clips complete with 8 screws.  Ideal for keeping tablecloths or curtains in place.  Colour White.  Pack of 4.

CKW 0999 Chrome Kettle

Chrome 1.5 Litre Gas Kettle This kettle has a fold down handle for ease of transportation. NB. This is not an Electric Kettle.

Was: £10.95
CKW 1020 Enamel Grill Pan

Enamel grill pan complete with trivet and detachable handle. Size 275 mm x 220 mm.

Was: £18.75
CKW 1023 Non Stick Grill Pan

Non stick grill pan with wooden handle.  Pan size 290mm x 290mm.

CKW 1029 Replacement Grill Pan Trivit

Replacement grill pan trivet.  Length 210mm x Width 180mm.

CKW 1070  Stainless Steel Saucepan Set

Good quality 3 piece saucepan set in stainless steel.   Set includes one each of 16cm, 18cm and 20cm pans with lids.

CKW 1080 Garbina Waste Bin

The Garbina is a hygienic, space saving waste bag holder, which is easily fixed to any vertical surface, with bags held in place by an elastic strap.  Can be positioned inside cupboard door and fitted to open with door, eliminating the need to lift lid.  Comes complete with full instructions and garbina refuse bags. 

CKW 1084 Collapsable Waste Bin

Collapsable rubbish bin, ideal for caravans, motorhomes or camping.  Folds flat for easy transportation. 60 litre capacity.

CKW 1085 Brunner Pillar Waste Bin

Brunner Pillar waste bin is a practical wall mounting litter bin ideal for placing inside cupboard doors in caravans, motorhomes or boats to keep your litter out of sight.  The lid closes tightly in order to keep out insects and keep smells in.  Made from a sturdy plastic, the bin measures 265mm tapering to 225mm wide, 120mm deep and 300mm high.  5.5 litre capacity.  Weight 0.38Kg.