CCG 8920 Trumatic S 5004 Heater With Auto Ignitor & Front Case

Truma S5004 WITH AUTO IGNITOR If you have a large caravan or motorhome that will require a more powerful heater than the Truma S 3004, then look no further. The Truma S5004 is very similar in design and function to that of the popular S 3004 version just with much more power to heat you vehicle. Also available with a range of accessories such as the TEB 2 Fan and Ultraheat, the Truma S 5004 also allows you to use the flame effect fire front as well as the normal range of front cases by Truma. The gas and electric varient of this fire lends well to all needs, whether you are an occassional weekend tourer or all year round ralleyer. PRICE INCLUDES FRONT CASE. Choice of Front Case Colour.  Select below.  With Installation box for 1 fan.


Additional Options:

Specification Ref # Trumatic Caravan heater

Technical Data:

Rated thermal output:  6000 W
Gas consumption:  60 - 480 g/h
Weight:    17.5 KG
Product Ident. Number:  CE-0085AP0288

Accessories sold separately 

Operation is only authorised with an original Truma front case.

Part Numbers:

31570-01 - Trumatic S5004, 30 mbar
Also available special installation box for 2 fans