CCG 27296 Truma Frost Control Kit

CCG 27296 Truma Frost Control Kit

Truma Frost Control current free safety drain valve empties the boiler automatically if there is a risk of frost (at around 3 degrees C) and in the event of excess pressure via a charge nozzle. Only once the ambient temperature has risen to a level where frost is no longer a risk (around 7 degrees C) can the valve be closed by hand and the boiler filled again.  Suitable for: Electric boiler, Gas / electric boiler.  Push On Barbed Fitting shown.  Please see More Info for JG fitting.  Select Below.

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  • The water is drained intermittently via a discharge nozzle in the event of overpressure
  • If there is a risk of frost, the Frost Control opens automatically and releases the water in the boiler to the outside via a draining connection.
  • The valve can also be opened manually.



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